•  Initially supported by the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci, MAC-SSIIM offers a real pan European network of resources focused on I-IP Management: Informal Intellectual Property Management.

    MAC stands for Multi Actors Cooperation and includes as well: SMEs, bigger companies, Individuals, Universities, Training centers, Research centers, Professional bodies, Public and social development representatives, trade-unions, Relay centers, ....

    SSIIM stands for Sustainable SMEs through Informal Intellectual property Management training.

    MAC-SSIIM has been set up by wider informal networks such as MAC-Team built on a model of Networks of Networks. as a result of MAC-SSIIM project, 2005 has also boosted the creation of the formal MAC-Team aisbl (International non-profit association).


  •  MAC-SSIIM mission

    The overall aim of the MAC-SSIIM project is to make a contribution to the development of knowledge-based economy in Europe by assisting SME managers and other decision-makers in building a fertile environment for knowledge-based entrepreneurship and new business formation:

    •  To raise awareness of the significance of IP management,

    •  To develop a proactive IP management training tool for SME and network development,

    •  To enable learning through case examples of good practices in IP management,

    •  To disseminate good practices in the management of Intellectual Property,

    •  To propose training & support solution on IP protection to SMEs, consultants, Relay actors and training organisations.


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 MAC-SSIIM training materials

The MAC-SSIIM project developed major training and support solution made of 5 Key Themes on informal IP and IC management for SMEs: CD-Rom + 2 DVDs on Cases studies on Companies in 5 languages + an e-Learning platform + IP audit decision tool for SMEs (IP: Intellectual Property and IC: Industrial Capital).

This comprehensive training material is flexible and adaptable to various types and groups of end-users.




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